Interpretable Subcellular Localization Prediction

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How to Cite

    Sebastian Briesemeister, Jörg Rahnenführer, and Oliver Kohlbacher, (2010): Going from where to why - interpretable prediction of protein subcellular localization.

    Bioinformatics, 26(9):1232-1238.

    Sebastian Briesemeister, Jörg Rahnenführer, and Oliver Kohlbacher, (2010): YLoc - an interpretable web server for predicting subcellular localization.

    Nucleic Acids Research, 38:W497-W502.


    YLoc is distributed under the GNU General Public License (GPL).

    YLoc is using LIBSVM, BLAST, and InterProScan. These software tools have their own license terms.

Third Party Software Tools

    YLoc is implemented in Python 2.7 and uses BLAST and pfscan.


        blastp: 2.6.0+

        Package: blast 2.6.0, build Jan 15 2017 17:12:27


        pfscan 2.3 revision 4

Run YLoc Locally

    YLoc is available as a repository to build a docker image, which also includes this websever: YLoc at KohlbacherLab GitHub

    Please note:

    Using other versions of third party software tools, especially of BLAST and pfscan, in your local installation may result in slightly different prediction scores compared to those calculated by the online service.


    BaCelLo datasets

    Höglund Datasets (Multiloc / Multiloc2) (BZ2-archive, 1,7 MB)

    DBMLoc dataset (ZIP-archive, 883 KB)

    YLoc feature files (Arff format in ZIP-archive, 6.78 MB)

    SwissProt to GO-term map (ZIP-archive, 4.82 MB)

    Link to SwissProt release 42.0

    Link to PROSITE release 20.33

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    Imprint (Impressum)

    GDPR Declaration (Datenschutzerklaerung)